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Many injured workers are able to manage their own transportation and truly comprehend what is going on; but for those who can't... AccessOnTime is the perfect partner to facilitate the logistic and language services coordination process for you.

Why Choose AccessOnTime?

Imagine the potential liability involved with transporting an injured worker. AccessOnTime maintains a comprehensive insurance program designed to protect you and your clients against such liability exposure.

Our vendor network spans all 50 states. Each vendor is credentialed by our vendor relations department. We communicate all our processes and expectations to the vendors prior to them joining our network. The AccessOnTime credentialing process may include, but is not limited to, verification of insurance policy, driver license, business license, criminal history, background check and DMV motor vehicle reports.

AccessOnTime uses our own quality assurance methodology - Points of Touch - to help ensure that the injured worker arrives safely and on time to his/her appointment. More importantly, this helps keep your injured worker on track with their scheduled plan of care which equates to less money paid out by the insurer because that injured worker returns to work quicker.

Effective communication is another equally important aspect to the injured worker’s plan of care. With the litigious environment on the rise, the use of a translator/interpreter is an excellent way to avoid costly communication breakdowns. AccessOnTime maintains a network of translators and interpreters, with more than 200 languages accommodated, to meet your specific needs.